Galassia Basin and Pedestal

Galassia Midas Structure Basin and Pedestal 

RRP: £2103.00

SALE PRICE: £526.00

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Galassia Spa born in 1980 at Corchiano (VT) in the High Tuscia land (Etruria and Falisca zones) since VI century the birthplace of ceramic production. 

There are a lot of ecological finds confirming that ceramic products had been manufactured in this area were in concurrence with the Greek ones. Galassia is carrying this tradition on, a business based reality of steady growth not only in terms of turnover, but above all in occupational, dimensional and technological designs. 

The opportunity as well as the ability of collaborating with Italians and foreign important manufacturers and with designers (as Romano Adolini, King & Miranda Design, David L. Dolcini, etc) thanks to whom the corporate image developed and strengthened, the skill in anticipating styles and trends: all this things make the Company a benchmark in the international panorama of bath furnishings. 

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